• $65 Seasonal Facial HAPPY EASTER!

    Celebrate Spring Time With A Jelly Bean Facial. The sweet smelling *Limited Edition* Grape Enzyme looks and feels just like the inside of a grape. Grapes are rish in antioxidant polyphenols and offer anti-aging preventative benefits, while papain offers mild exfoliation. The Goji Berry Mask will nourish and firm the skin, resulting in a beautiful, healthy glow.

    Jelly Bean Facial
  • Peoria & Phoenix Massage Therapy

    At Knot Tense we strive to provide each client with a superior therapeutic experience. Every massage service is customized to the individual needs of each client.

    massage therapy phoenix
  • Coconut Macaroon Facial

    Coconut/Papaya Enzyme and Dark Chocolate Mint Mask

  • Express Diamond Microderm

    Give your skin the GLOW it deserves. Treat fine lines, large pores, acne scars, sun damage, dry skin and more...
    The gentle way to a younger complexion.

    prenatal massages

Who We Are

Welcome to Knot Tense Massage Therapy. Our Peoria studio tailors each session to your needs and integrates custom massage techniques specific to each client. Experience the feeling of total wellness with all the products and services we have to offer. You can choose to release tension and relieve sore muscles with a deep tissue massage or indulge in a relaxation session. Whatever you are looking for our goal is to provide a fully customized wellness plan in a relaxing environment. Book an appointment today and feel the complete rejuvenation of body mind and spirit.

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  • Sarah Drake is remarkable with the massages she performs. She has given me massages for years and I would never go to anyone else. She is able to identify areas instantly that has tension and stress build up without me knowing this until she touches those particular areas. If not sure as a customer what type of a massage to get, just ask. She will define the different types of massages and always delivers. Besides getting a massage, she suggests certain types of stretching to do daily to avoid deep nerve issues from happening again. Also, she develops "natural" body cleaner and inhalers to release congestion which works great. Her strength, will-power, ideas & friendship for customers is amazing. She was meant to be an "organic & natural" masseuse!! Thank you Sarah!

    Tammy Hibbert

  • After suffering a motorcycle accident I started going to Knot-Tense for stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Sarah did an outstanding job! My stiffness went away and my mobility vastly increased. I strongly recommend Knot-Tense and Sarah.

    Steve -- Phoenix